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Virtual Fundraising Events Webinar Recording: August 7, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Shari E.
This year, the social part seems even more important and something we want to emphasize.
Shannon Powers
Melissa Battah (she/her)
For those of us who may not be as familiar with all the platforms available, is there a good compare/contrast of some of the main platforms available?
Sarah Burstein
We did a small ticketed event a few months ago that was virtual and sent the Zoom link to folks in their email receipt when they bought tickets off of our online registration system, but hypothetically in this situation, anyone could have forwarded the link to somone else who hasn't registered and bought the required ticket. Has anyone run into this situation and how did you work around this?
Annika Albrecht
Beyond breakout rooms how do you suggest we create the social aspect of the event?
June Kress
There are 2 schools of thought about "text to give" opportunities during the event. Some feel people will not give big donations via text. Thoughts?
June Kress
There are also 2 schools of thought about pre-recording vs. live. My event committee is anxious about a pre-recorded event seeming too scripted. Thoughts?
Sharon Sobel
I have a client who will be doing an awards show and wants “community”, so they are doing a series of zoom meetings in advance of a shorter gala event (all preproduced video event). Each night of Zoom mtgs will announce 3 award categories, with smaller invite list.
Andrea Gleaves
We've heard doing a mix of recorded and live elements have been received really well.
Sharon Sobel
Love the idea of recording rehearsal!
Andrea Gleaves
Our team is thinking about running time. Traditionally, an event would be about 2 hours, maybe a VIP reception pre or post. For virtual events, is there a preferred running time? It feels like a 2 hour event is too long on a virtual platform.
Shari E.
I don't understand the watch parties?
Arieh Lebowitz JLC
Question: our annual fundraising dinner has two or three honorees, for each an introducer/presenter, and our own President moderates the whole shebang. But we do not have a keynote speaker generally. Our President suggest we need a good speaker, but on the other hand, there are oodles of Zoominars so to speak going on literally every day of the week, to which people are invited to attend for free … so how does an annual virtual fundraising gala fit into the Zoomish universe these days? And is a blockbuster keynote speaker essential?
Shannon Powers
Arieh, I don’t think a blockbuster keynote is essential - there are lots of creative ways to make the gala interested and well-paced
LaTanya Lane (she/her/hers)
@Andrea - that's a great question! I think it depends on how you organize your content. You might have a virtual dance party or other irl component where folks are doing something fun together but virtually which makes it feel less like two hours watching a screen and more like 2 hours connecting with your community and having a good time
Shannon Powers
Andrea, agreed that 2 hours is long. We tend to settle around 1 hour unless you have a lot of different components that keep people engaged
LaTanya Lane (she/her/hers)
agreed @Shannon
Shannon Powers
And with you @tanya
June Kress
How do you reach a good balance between letting people know how much $ is coming in along with more than one ask, but not going overboard like the Jerry Lewis Telethon (most might be too young to know what this was....)
G - Lauren Kline
Dress code for digital gala/event? It seems like a weird question, but is this something that's addressed up front so nobody is embarrassed?
Andrea Gleaves
Thank you, everyone!
Shannon Powers
@Lauren, at GGS, we always believe in over communicating. You can always include this information in the invite. We’ve also had some clients send out swag for folks to wear at the event itself
Andrea Gleaves
I really like the tiered levels, where parties who donate at a higher level receive a gift box or some other incentive. Do folks have examples of how they've tiered those levels? would to see language around ticket/sponsorship packets.
Janis Gaines Simon
thank you so much. very helpful information for our new normal
Shannon Powers
@June, great question! I think it’s about pacing the updates to the group. Some organizations even use the old-school thermometer on the landing page and screen to show the progress toward the goal
Tegan Aherne-Dixon
Networking is a huge draw for our gala audience each year. Have you seen organizations innovating content for LinkedIn as part of their annual fundraisers?
Can you give us an idea of what the starting costs are for a virtual event package...
Melissa Battah (she/her)
Thank you Greater Good for all the helpful tips! Always worth spending my time with you all.
Adena Kirstein
Maybe this is for another webinar - but wondering if you are thinking creatively about scrapping the ‘event’ altogether? I.e. this is a moment where we are all adapting and shifting culture (and many of us often question the time / money put into these types of events anyway) and there may be other creative solutions to meet this moment?
Roberta Caplan
should be scripted as donors can go on and on. Must keep the endorsements tight.
Sharon Sobel
Chat being used during breakout rooms may appear in the main chat room….so that should be mentioned prior to people being put into breakout rooms
Shari E.
Thank you!!
Shannon Powers
@adena - yes, that’s always a possibility, if you are creative about what else you can do with your audience to create community. It’s a good time to be strategic and thoughtful!
Susan Dyckman
This was hugely helpful!
Sharon Sobel
I loved this! Will look at other webinars
Thank you so much